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Corporate social responsibility policy
Corporate social responsibility policy: people oriented, abide by laws and regulations, continue to improve, and return to society
Mingxin company believes that complying with the international labor law and China's labor and social security laws and regulations and safeguarding the rights of employees are the basic conditions that a responsible company should have, as well as the expectations of consumers, customers, the public and the government. Therefore, the company promises:
Abide by SA8000 and other relevant social responsibility codes of conduct and strive to achieve social responsibility objectives;
Prohibit the use of child labor, underage labor and forced labor, and do not accept any suppliers or subcontractors using child labor, underage labor or forced labor;
Respect workers' freedom and prohibit any form of forced labor;
Promote labor management cooperation and respect employees' freedom of association and collective bargaining rights;
Provide an equal and fair working environment and prohibit any form of degrading behavior;
Reasonably arrange the production plan, reasonably arrange the working time, rest and vacation of workers;
Provide reasonable wages and benefits to meet the internal and external needs of employees.

Mingxin's statement on continuous improvement of working conditions
The company promises to abide by Chinese laws and regulations and various codes of conduct for social responsibility, and make unremitting efforts to protect the natural environment, continuously improve the production and living environment, and ensure the health and safety of employees with the high and strict standards and the attitude of being responsible to the society and all employees of the company.
The company shall gradually improve a series of systems on health, environmental protection, improvement of working conditions and continuous improvement of employees' wages and benefits according to law, so as to ensure the interests of employees.
All workshops, warehouses, office buildings and other buildings of the company are built according to national standards, with good ventilation and lighting; The space requirements meet the standards and pass the infrastructure quality acceptance as required by the government.
The fire protection system and the main works of the plant are designed, constructed and put into use at the same time, and pass the fire protection acceptance of the government department, so that the facilities can ensure the early warning of fire and the rapid evacuation in case of fire, and ensure the life safety of employees.
All workshops are equipped with sufficient men's and women's toilets, drinking water facilities, exhaust fans and fans, sufficient energy-saving and environmental protection lighting (explosion-proof lamps are installed in some workshops), uniform walkways and spacious exit stairs, which have passed the environmental protection acceptance of government departments and meet the national environmental protection requirements.
There are no toxic substances in the processes of the workshops of the company. The air in the workshops is regularly monitored every year and the temperature and humidity are monitored every day. The relevant processes are equipped with safety protection facilities and labor protection articles according to the national regulations.
All equipment are equipped with safety devices and maintained by professional personnel, which can effectively prevent the occurrence of safety accidents.
The employees shall be trained in the factory and workshop, and only after passing the training can they take the post, so that they can operate skillfully according to the safety operation procedures and effectively protect themselves.

Establish social service mechanism and assume social responsibility
While committed to its own development, Mingxin will also actively serve the society, give back to the country, and become an enterprise with a strong sense of responsibility and social conscience. Since its inception, Mingxin has actively responded to the call for donation and love to the disaster areas, and plans to help build many hope primary schools in the next five years to help out of school children return to the classroom. At the same time, Mingxin is also preparing to establish a team of urban volunteers to help people in need solve their employment and life difficulties.

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